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There are many ways to end an agency. These avenues can be divided into two types: (1) termination by the actions of the parties and (2) termination by law enforcement. The establishment, duration and termination of the agency relationship are usually based on the agreement between the client and […]

Involuntary Termination of an Agency Agreement

If a particular role is not described in the collective agreement, the agreement does not apply to that role. Sometimes a reward only applies to certain employers, but these rewards are often also “common rule” rewards – that is, while they once applied to some employers, they have now […]

Industrial Awards and Agreements Wa

First, Article 28(4) of the GDPR states that a service provider must “remain fully liable” to a controller to “fulfil” the “obligations” of its sub-processors. 1 It is important to note that this requirement of “full responsibility” for the performance of sub-processors may not need to be codified in […]

Indemnities in Data Processing Agreements

Recognition of irreparable damage. Compensation for breach of confidentiality under the breach of contract theory is generally difficult to quantify and the loss cannot be fully measured in monetary damages. Thus, the damage is irreparable. For these reasons, it is useful for the receiving party to acknowledge that a […]

Implied Confidentiality Agreement

Upon receipt of such an acquisition agreement and provided that motion picture industry pension and health Plans authorizes in writing the financial liability of the subsequent purchaser, producer or owner receiving performance of such acquisition agreement, Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plans will no longer be responsible for […]

Iatse Basic Agreement 2020

The ninth element, entitled “IX Survey, requires a definition of the number of “business days before closing” that the buyer of the land receives to inform the seller of the land of any surveying issues with the land that must be resolved in order for the sale to continue. […]

How to Write a Sales Contract for Land

Once you have concluded a land contract, you are legally bound by the established conditions. Therefore, it is important that you understand exactly what you are getting into. Below are some questions to ask the seller before even considering a land deal in Ohio. If you want to sell […]

How to Structure a Land Contract

If you employ domestic workers and are required to deduct Virginia income taxes from their wages, you may need to register as a household employer with Virginia Tax and VEC. If you are unable to register online, download the Business Registration Form (R-1) to be mailed or faxed. If […]

How to Register a Business for Tax

Thank you, I just saved myself hours of manually splitting documents. I`m surprised that this hasn`t been integrated with Office 365 yet. To exclude a specific recipient from the merge operation, click Exclude this recipient. Under Select Document Type, click Letters. The active document becomes the main document. The […]

How to Mail Merge Letters into Separate Documents