Winnipeg School Division Teachers Collective Agreement

“If the provincial government`s changes to public school funding result in less money for school departments, then it starts piling up the cards in arbitration,” said Camfield, associate professor of labour studies and sociology at the University of Manitoba. Counsellors or resource teachers receive a compensatory period in the following school year equal to the number of days employed in July and August. The method and timing of this compensatory period are mutually agreed between the principal and the resource counsellor/teacher. The details of such an agreement require the prior approval of the Director. (i) Consider requests from school staff for the establishment or extension of parking spaces in schools and make recommendations to the relevant department; The letter states that the River East Transcona Teachers` Association requested expedited arbitration “before the end of time,” but the ministry refused. (i) Principals and vice-principals who are reclassified to a lower classification must maintain the salary level of the previous classification of the school for a period of two (2) school years. During this period, the individual and the department would endeavour to reassign to a position at the same classification level or at a classification level higher than that of the incumbent`s current classification. If no reassignment has taken place at the end of the two (2) year period, the salary level of the incumbent company will remain constant until the wage level of the new classification is reached. AND WHEREAS the Ministry would like to temporarily establish a Supervising Assistant Director (B) in interdivisional student support programs to support the program, administration and student body. With the consent of the Superintendent, teachers are granted participation in examinations in order to obtain a higher certificate or to ensure the reputation of the university. The Superintendent may grant this leave in whole or in part with or without loss of wages. (b) all other days required by the school authority or its representative, if the teacher is available; in the following school year: 2.

In order to avoid delays in entering into the collective agreement between the parties and disputes, the parties agree to be bound by the final decision of the Board of Arbitration in the Mountain View case, including any subsequent judicial decision thereon, for the period during which the applicable collective agreement remains in effect; and 20.10 In the event of dismissal, representatives of the department will meet with the association`s board of directors to discuss the effects of the dismissal and provide the association with a list of teachers to be dismissed. 22.05 The department shall determine the opening and closing hours of the school day. The Association recognizes the exclusive right of the Ministry to assign teachers employed by the Ministry to schools under its jurisdiction. Provincial funding for the Winnipeg School Division decreased by $5 million last school year, she said. The provisions of this Article shall apply only to teachers of the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre and the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre, hereinafter referred to as the `Centre`, who are assigned to the curriculum administered by the Centre on a twelve-month basis (12). (d) If a counsellor in a centre agrees to work beyond the normal school year, the counsellor will receive one second hundredth (1/200) of the counsellor`s then-current salary for each working day. (ii) If the amount of salary an employee earns during a pay period during the school year is so high that the association fee represents more than ten percent (10%) of the employee`s income, the Ministry will deduct an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the actual salary that the employee earns. 11. Before leaving school at the end of the day, teachers are responsible for ensuring that all children under their supervision are expelled.

For the purposes of this clause, a transfer does not include teachers who are declared surplus for a school. (a) The teacher is not required to work on days that are statutory holidays – or subject to the collective agreement, vacation – as set out in the School Days, Hours and Holidays Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 101/95, Edel says it is an unfortunate consequence to pay teachers the salary they earn. (iv) A teacher who does not teach the entire school year (September to June) but who is employed by the department until the end of the school year concerned after a maternity leave, will be deducted for each absence during maternity leave with an annual salary of two hundredths (1/200th) for each day of absence. 3. The creation of a list of instructions for the orientation of substitute teachers in schools. Consult the complete 2014-2018 collective agreement or select the sections of the collective agreement below: (i) completes 50 hours of eligible extracurricular duties during the school year; Teachers received a new contract with retroactive increases of 1.6% for 2018-19, 1.4% for 2019-2020 and 0.5% for this school year. The salary increase for the next school year will be based on the planned increases in the cost of living. Note: Leave approved in accordance with section 7.1.9 is limited to one event during a school year. (d) In the event that the representatives of the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the Department shall determine the rate(s) of pay, the matter shall then be dealt with in the forthcoming negotiations on an amended collective agreement in accordance with Article 3, subject to the following provisions: transfers may be made on the initiative of the Superintendent or another administrative officer or at the request of a teacher and for any purpose whatsoever; the one according to the superintendent`s judgment, is the best for the well-being of the teacher or school. 3 The school administration undertakes to remunerate the teacher in accordance with the collective agreement. g) The request for sabbatical leave must be submitted to the Superintendent no later than the fifteenth (15) October of the school year preceding the desired school year and must be completed as follows: 22.04 The school year is two hundred (200) days or the number of days that the Minister of Education and Advanced Education may determine. Department heads/team leaders are appointed by the department after consultation with the principals of the schools concerned.

Chen was censored by the board at a meeting on Monday. The tweets she posted regarding the collective bargaining process amounted to disclosing confidential information, the board said. Experience – Preference is given to candidates who are familiar with many phases of the school system. Experience in different classes, special programs, different schools and under different principals is desirable. Candidates who have a broad knowledge of the school system should be better suited, as other factors are the same for performing administrative tasks. The time required to gain extensive experience is considered to be at least ten (10) years of service in the school system. – Support for the preparation and allocation of the school education budget. “Our teachers have worked very hard and are committed, and during this pandemic they have done everything and faced challenges,” such as unequal access to technology during distance learning, Edel said. This would replace the separate agreements entered into at the departmental level as soon as they expire, with the exception of the Franco-Manitoban school division.

c) An eligible extracurricular activity is an activity that has already been approved by the Director. (a) 31. December, but only if the party terminating the agreement notifies the other party in writing at least one month before December 31, stating the reasons; or (e) No more than two (2) per cent of full-time teachers may be absent on sabbatical leave as of June 30 of the year preceding the year in which the sabbatical is to begin […].