Maple Syrup


Maple Syrup

We produce our maple syrup at a sugar bush just outside of the village of Millbrook. There are approximately 2300 taps that we put in each year. The whole sugar bush is on a vacuum pipeline system, where the sap is drawn from the spile down through the pipeline to a holding tank. It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup so there is a lot of boiling involved! We take the sap we collect and run it through a reverse osmosis machine which concentrates the sap and cuts down on some boiling time. It is then drawn into the wood fired evaporator where it boils away through a series of stainless steel pans. When the syrup is ready, it is drawn off of the very front pan where it can then be bottled or put into bulk containers or stainless steel barrels to store it. Syrup that we keep stored is heated and bottled as we need it throughout the rest of the year. We also use some of our syrup to make maple butter, maple sugar candies and granulated maple sugar.

Bottle sizes we have available include:

100ml – $4.00

250ml – $9.00

500ml – $15.00

1 litre – $25.00

2 litre – $45.00

4 litre – $75.00

All of the sizes are available in glass or plastic containers, with the exception of the 100 ml which is only available in plastic.


Maple Butter

Maple butter is essentially a spreadable maple sugar that can be used on toast, muffins, scones plus lots more. It is made of pure maple syrup with no additives. The process is quite simple, we boil syrup down to an even thicker consistency, let it cool down for a short period of time, then run the syrup through our maple butter machine. The machine circulates the syrup until it begins to crystallize. There are a set of gears that crush the sugar crystals to a fine consistency so that you get nice smooth maple butter.

We have it available in glass 250g and 500g jars.

250g – $7.00

500g – $13.00



Maple Sugar Treats

We also make maple sugar candies for special events and market.